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The Spanish Tax Agency locates 457.000 million € in foreign bank accounts

The fight against fraud and control of the great fortunes carried out by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) never rests, but their work is being focused in bank accounts abroad in the current search for new tax revenues.

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In this context, the Spanish Tax Agency has begun this year the inspection of more than one million financial accounts abroad, not declared or only in part, whose holders are Spanish taxpayers, residents of other countries living in Spain and non-residents (who might have to become spanish residents). This would affect individuals, but also companies.

These actions are based on information provided by third countries in the framework of a collaboration system involving more than a hundred jurisdictions called Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and which is added to model 720 done in Spain, of goods and rights abroad which is already being investigated by the own Spanish Tax Agency, who set it up in the year 2013.

Since 2017, the Spanish Tax Agency has received a total of 1.6 million records (the number of taxpayers will be lower when duplicities are processed, for example), with a total volume of 457,000 million euros in accounts, mostly from spanish people. A number that is almost 50% of Spanish GDP (PIB in spanish).

Based on all this information, the Spanish Tax Agency has conducted since May of this year 102 inspections so far. For now, mainly affect resident natural persons. This number will increase, according to the general director of the Tax Agency (AEAT), Jesús Gascón, who said that in the XXVIII Congress of Tax Inspectors held in Alicante.

The millionaire effect

Gascón has admitted that it is not possible, at the moment, to know for certain the collection  these inspections may actually provide. However, he pointed out the effect caused by the CRS since 2013 -year prior to the G20 agreement that prompted the creation of the CRS.

As he said, the taxable income of the IRPF has increased in this time by a 25.2%

and the amount to be paid by a 14.3%. In the case of the tax on patrimony, the total financial assets would have increased by a 23.2%, while the total collection has risen by a 27.4%.

The fight against fraud, escalating

The Spanish Tax Agency has revealed this information on the same day that the Council of Ministers approved new anti-fraud measures to collect an additional 830 million euros.

These records would be added to a collection that, so far this year, is at its highest levels. As indicated by the Government in the 2019 Budgetary Plan submitted to Brussels, the revenue from the prevention and fight against fraud of the Spanish Tax Agency reached a total amount of 8,429.9 million euros in the first half of 2018, which means an increase of a 17.14% compared to the same period on the previous year.

This number would consolidate the trend observed in previous years of around 14,000 million euros per year. Moreover, the collection figure of 2018 will foreseeably exceed these available forecasts.

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